The Public Housing ACOP and the Section 8 ADMIN policies can be viewed at the Crooksville office, 26 Brown Circle Drive. Phone: 740-982-5991.

Public Housing

Public Housing Program is our own homes and apartments that are located in Crooksville and Roseville. There are 118 total units with 53 in Crooksville and 65 in Roseville. The apartments in Crooksville are designated and approved by HUD to be for senior living. Four of the apartments have been designed for handicap accessibility. PMHA is a smoke free property.

Flat Rents

Utility Allowances

Section 8/Housing Choice Voucher

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is for rental assistance to the approved landlords throughout Perry County. PMHA has been awarded 218 vouchers through HUD, but the total issues depends on federal funding.

Utility Allowances